Tuesday, January 04, 2011

In memory of kong-kong; his 70th birthday celebration - Part 1

We celebrated my late kong-kong's 70th birthday end of July last year (2010). On his actual birthday, 23rd July, all of us had dinner with him at a Chinese Restaurant at Plaza Damas before going to Perhentian Island for a family getaway the very next day.

We booked the whole room (with an attached toilet) to ourselves and we also had entertainment, the karaoke! My first time with the karaoke session except that I was too shy to sing (only mummy tried to entertain us but failed miserably!)

We totally had fun that night and I will let the pics do the talking and will end with the birthday song video of my kong-kong. Seeing this video makes me sad too but happy at the same as he looks so happy then. I still miss you kong-kong (and I always tell papa and mummy about this!)

A picture of por-por and kong-kong and my cousin, Shane

I was asked to join in and didn't want to smile (my mei-mei totally refused to)

Shane enjoying the lights above that changes colour!

my mei-mei was only interested in this (did I tell you that I love wine too! but mummy says that we kids only get to drink alcohol when we're 21 years old and above!)

we love the mirror in the room (so that i can admire myself! mummy thinks double trouble though!)

oh no, double mei-mei too!

we were obsessed about the tv that played karaoke songs but none of us (except mummy) dared to touch the microphone! {take note that my kong-kong was taking our pic at the background and mummy just found the following picture from his camera - he doesn't download his pictures often and these were the last few he took of us when he was alive}

my grandparents, happily being entertained by me (chatting away!)

i helped blew the candle for kong-kong (took me a few attempts!)

supposed to be a picture with the grandkids but the younger ones were not cooperating

a group pic of the real Lims! :D

Enjoy the video!


Mummy to QiQi said...

it just feel like yesterday right?

Kit said...

Such beautiful memories! We have such photos too and we look at them again and again - also with mixed feelings.

It's like how can something so happy be followed by something so sad, right?

Rye Li will be able to remember Kong-Kong well for all the grandkids :)