Monday, January 04, 2010

Mummy's entry - 1st day at kindy

getting ready for school - ok, was bribed with that gummy worm in her hand

I am pleased to report that there were no dramas from my drama princess this morning. She wasn’t eager to go to school either but at least she was listening to me when I woke her up and got her ready for school [I know I make it sound as if we quarrel a lot, we do actually as she loves defying me and I have turned into a really nagging mom!].

In the middle of the night just some time after midnight, she woke up from her sleep and started coughing and then she vomited twice, all her dinner and milk out. It was strange as she wasn’t coughing badly for over a week now. I was kind of worried especially since she would be starting school in the morning. She wasn’t having any fever and I also wondered whether it was an act of hers (she knows how to pretend to be sick so that she gets away] to probably not go to school but throughout the times we were calming her down and cleaning her up, I refused to mention that I would bring her to the doctors (although in my head I know that if her condition worsens in the morning, I would probably have to). But luckily after that episode, there were no more coughing.

stop taking pictures already, can we go now?!!!!

Anyhow, as I was preparing her this morning, she passed me a crystal bracelet (the cheapo ones you can get for RM5) which she has been wearing for a couple of months now. Over the weekend, I told her that she would not be able to wear it to school and that she would have to keep it at home and probably wear it over weekends. She wasn’t too pleased about it and rejected my suggestion and after explaining to her a little more on why she couldn’t wear it to school, I didn’t pursue it after that even though she still said “I want!”. So when she passed it to me this morning, I was surprised that she gave in to me. This girl really needs a lot of reasoning and she would accept it in the end. Only hubby has the patience (most of the time) for her which was why I didn’t want hubby to take her to school just in case she starts acting up.

on the way to school

being my cheeky self - so happened i look like the tweety bird too

Before we left the house, I told her that I would drop off her mei-mei to Aunty Ng’s first and then I would bring her to school. And she replied “I want me first” and I told her if that’s the case, she will have to wait for me at the school and she seems alright with it. In the end, I had to also drop her off first as we were running late.

I brought her into her class, looking out for the other 3 kids from the daycare that will be in the same class. Found them seated together with their mommies nearby and I brought Rye Li to them. I explained to her clearly again that I am sending her mei-mei off to Aunty Ng’s and that when she finishes class, I’ll be outside waiting for her and she is to listen to her teacher. She was cool about it. Didn’t even show any signs of feeling out of place (and didn’t even react to one of her friends crying – on the way there, I asked if she’s going to cry and she said “Cannot cry, after (wards) teacher will scold!

When I got back to the kindy after dropping the little one to the daycare, I waited outside the school’s compound and chatted with the moms of the other kids at the same daycare. I couldn’t see Rye Li as her class was upstairs and they have already locked the front door but the other moms told me she was fine after I left.

When school ended, the kids were reunited with their parents/caretakers. Rye Li was happy to see me and she was more interested in playing at the playground at the school’s compound. At first when I asked her if she likes school, she said “don’t like!” but later on she said “I like!”

I am very proud of my baby as I was really expecting her to be a cry baby on the first day of her school. Guess she loves surprising me!


Annie Q said...

Rye Li is such a sweetie and very independent, no cry for first day kindy.

Merryn said...

The pic of her looking like the tweety bird is so cool :D

Everyday Healy said...

Yeah... my hubby has more patient on my cheeky girl too. :)

Is she 4 this year? She is kind of tall. Well done, baby! Keep it up!

twin said...

finally i see her in her uniform .. so cute. actually she can wear anything apart fr the uniform to school. kindy ok la. not my girl's school. can only wear black hair tie and pins. i didn't know i let her used to coloured one. the teacher didn't say anything .. one of the parents told me. rye's one brave girl. yey!!!!

Kai-Jin said...

good girl Rye Li! Looks really good in the uniform too! :)

KittyCat said...

Very good first day :) She looks so different from her other photoslah - I wonder if it's the uniform colour?

She's really, really good already and I think she'll like the kindy.

I know I'm gonna be so busy this year coz the boy has homework now :P

Health Freak Mommy said...

Kudos to Rye Li for not crying on her first day of school! Thank God she's ok despite puking just a day before her very first day of school.
BTW, Rye Li's b'day is a day after my hubby's!

A Mom's Diary said...

Well done. She's such a brave girl, and fiercely independent. Take after her mum? :-)

Zara's Mama said...

well done Ryeli.

remember to give her something to boost her immunity.. I remember both girls when they started school, falling ill so often etc.. night mare!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Thumbs up to Rye Li :)