Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mummy's entry - how Rye Li got her handsome prince

How hubby got to be Rye Li’s handsome prince?

It all begun when hubby started reading books to Rye Li a long time back. All those princesses’ stories that contain the word “handsome prince”, he would paused after saying “handsome prince” and go “like papa”. And then he would also add “Papa handsome or not?” to only get a response from Rye Li “yes!”. Thus, the poor girl has been brainwashed her only handsome prince is her papa!

How has this affected her? Well, whenever you ask her who is her handsome prince, she will go “My papa!

Recently, when we were at our holiday at Perhentian island (will update on this when I have the time), we kept bumping into the same couple at the resort. And so happened one night, they were sitting next to our table at the restaurant. So the guy started a conversation with the girl….

Guy: What’s your name?
Rye Li: Pretty, pretty princess
Guy: *Laughing* If you’re pretty princess, then I’m Handsome Prince
Rye Li: No, my papa is my handsome prince!
Guy: If that is the case, then I’m Prince Charming
Rye Li: *Laughing*

The other day, we had a conversation about husbands and it lead to….

Mummy: Papa is my husband
Rye Li: No, papa is MY husband!
Mummy: How can papa be your husband? He’s your papa.
Rye Li: What about me? Who is going to be my husband?
Mummy: One day, you will meet your boyfriend and then you will marry him and only then he will be your husband.
Rye Li: I don’t want to marry my boyfriend, I want to marry a handsome prince like papa. I want to marry papa.
Mummy: You cannot marry your papa-la, papa is your papa.
Rye Li: *Still being stubborn* I want to marry papa, my handsome prince. I don’t want to marry my boyfriend.

*I need to record this conversation!*

So, men out there….if you want to have your little girl/s to have you in their minds forever, you know what to do now!


KittyCat said...

THIS is why Hubby wants a girl!!!

I wonder if it's the age because whenever Lucas sees shows of a couple getting married, he'll say "Lucas want wear tie. Mummy wear dress..."

When I ask, "Papa wear what?"

He stops and thinks, "Wear house shirt!" LOL

He'll also point to the groom as him and me as the bride in wedding photos!

When I ask where is Papa, he'll say, "Papa is working!"

I bet your Hubby is enjoying all this adoration :) She's a real Daddy's girl, eh?

Mummy to QiQi said...

sure ur hb em-seh-tak when sees his girl married next time :)

zmm said...

And Papa smiles happily ever after.. :P

Health Freak Mommy said...

LOL.... my #2 used to say that she wants to marry her daddy too muahahahah.....

Vien said...

I guess Belle is different from Rye Li. She always say I'm her wife..hahaha. Will verbal argue with her dad on who is their wives. She refers to Daddy as the Queen..hahahahaha. Laugh my arse off la!

Shireen Loh said...

So cute your little one. I am sure papa is relieved to hear that cos my hubby sure will, he don't allow his girls to ave boyfriends or get married. If get married, must stay with us and sleep in separate rooms...LOL